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My name is Ashlee and I'm a wife, mother, and border collie mom. I live on an island off the coast of WA, but I’m originally from FL. I’m a virgo, ennegram5, infj, neurodivergent (adhd), elder emo millennial and Slytherin. I started unofficially designing in 2016, but made it FB official in 2019. Ironically, I designed graphic teasers and book trailers in the beginning.

My first book cover design was in 2020 .




Primary Design Genre - Indie Romance

Current Collaborations — Lead Designer with The Midnight Bookshelf

Software - Photoshop, Dimension, Illustrator & After Effects

  My story started where many bibliophiles started, with books. I have been reading for as long as I can remember. Reading children's books when it was well past my bedtime because I couldn't shut my brain off. This, of course, evolved into reading Harry Potter, and Twilight ( Team Edward). While in high school I took eight terms of Web Design courses. This is where I learned the base of my design knowledge, however, I went on to major in Communications/ Public Relations. Like many adults who struggle with ADHD, college did not work out for me.  

  Another decade passed and it had been many years since I picked up a book, let alone finish one. I was well past my Twihard days but wanted something with the same sort of feel. A fantasy romance series was recommended to me and this was the moment I fell back in love with reading. I read around three hundred books that year, found bookstagram and a whole new world opened up for me. I still read a mix of adult romance and YA books to this day. 

  I continually saw these amazing book trailers for many of the popular young adult books and wondered why the indie romance world didn't also have these engaging trailers. I quickly learned there were book trailer companies out there, but they didn't seem to be realistically priced for the indie world. I dusted off my design skills and updated that ancient Adobe suite determined to offer indie romance authors the ability to showcase their work within their budget.

  What started as a book trailer business turned into a full graphic design service. I've worked with so many amazing authors, book boxes, and other designers for over six years. I've formed some of my closest relationships in this book world and watched countless new authors turn into bestsellers. What started as a hobby, has evolved into a passionate drive to help each client bring their story to life. You can find examples of my work here on my website and social media, along with exclusive book covers featured in various monthly book boxes.

My  StorY


Chateau Grey

Eerie Black


Dirty Lavender

design colors

Dark Academia is an aesthetic that revolves around classic literature. Common themes within this aesthetic are books, poetry, friendship, prep/private schools, classical music, coming of age, existentialism, death/murder, social classes, and romance. Dark academia stories generally contain tragic elements. It is associated with intellectuals and academic prestige, or at least the appearance of intellectualism.

origin circa 2010 via tumblr

notably the film (1989) The Dead Poet's Society & (1992) The Secret History by Donna Tartl

genre to read




Murder first and then

One thing at a time.

 scholarly pursuits.”

© the atlas paradox by olivie blake

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