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  • How long is the turnaround process for a book cover?
    Book Covers are scheduled for a total of 7 business days of work time. This means the cover proof will be uploaded to Dropbox by end of day PST. At that time, any revisions or alterations will be communicated and the updated cover proof will be uploaded to Dropbox within 48-72 business hours.
  • How far out are you booked?
    In order to allow new clients a better opportunity to schedule and to manage any overbooking issues, I open my schedule in a blocking method of three months at a time. This means my schedule is currently open for scheduling from the first day of the current month thru the last day three months from now. For example: If you are wanting to book an appt for a book cover and today's date is September 4th, the schedule would be open from September 1st thru December 31st (excluding holidays,weekends, and planned time off). If you are wanting to schedule a project for January, you would need to wait until October 1st, as January's schedule would not be open. Please note: Current Clients have priority when scheduling, it's best to reach out as early as possible to book your project.
  • I love the cover you did for "X" , can you design the same concept for me?
    If you have not visited my Artistic Concept page, I urge you to take the opportunity to do so now. While I am so grateful for the love any cover receives, each cover is custom designed around each author's story. Beyond the unethical issues, I do not reuse concepts. I would be more than happy to design a cover that fits your story and brings it to life in a visual way.
  • Are you accepting new clients?
    I use a blocking method for my scheduling, allowing three month windows available for booking at a time. However, current clients are the majority of my upcoming projects. As current clients receive priority when scheduling, it's always best to reach out as soon as possible to reserve a timeslot.
  • Do you only design for indie/self publishing romance authors?
    While I do focus my designs in the romance genre, there is no preference in regards to self published or traditionally published. I have worked with Penguin Random House US, Berkley Books, Penguin Michael Joseph, Podium Audio, Tantor Media, and many international translation publishers to name a few. If you are a publisher looking to inquire about vendor/freelance designs please reach via email to with the company you represent in the subject line. If you are a self publishing author looking to book an appt, please check the " How far are you booked?" FAQ tab prior to your inquiry email.
  • I was very hands on with my previous covers, would we be a good fit?
    Short answer? No. I have a very abstract approach to design. If we were to use the analogy of a Pantser or a Planner, I would 100% be a Pantser. After reading through the initial client form, I start formulating how I can conceptualize the authors words into a visual piece that will be marketable to their target audience. Every designer has their own market knowledge, program skills, creative energy, genre interpretations, additional skills outside of general photoshop, and preferences. This is the foundation of an artistic concept and identifies each designers overall " style". It is the clients responsibility to view a designers portfolio and determine if their style is what they are envisioning for their project. Generally speaking, designers have the ability to create many different "styles", but just as you wouldn't hire an architect known for their ultra modern homes when you are wanting something very traditional, you wouldn't hire a designer known for their quirky contemporary illustrations for a taboo dark romance. Lastly, while there are designers who prefer to be given exact instructions right down to photos and specific color palettes, I am not one of them. Back seat designing is something that unfortunately does not work for me and as such, it would be best to find a designer better suited for your needs.
  • Do you design merch/swag?
    At this time my primary focus area is book cover design. However, current clients are eligible to book an appt for small order merch/swag designs upon availability. Small order designs can include, bookmarks, stickers, rack cards, destination postcards, posters, etc. For specific item inquiries please reach out via email.
  • What programs do you use for design?
    I use the Adobe Suite with knowledge in Photoshop, Illustrator, Dimension, and After Effects
  • Do you offer Branding/Logo design?
    At this time my primary focus is book cover design. However current clients are eligible to reach out and inquiry about availability. Please note this is extremely limited and based on the appointments scheduled around your time window. Branding/Logo design services are limited to primary logos / secondary variations, signing banners, table runners, table top signage, paper displays, bookmarks, stickers, rack cards, postcards, social media banners/post/highlights/ etc. For specific item inquiries please reach out via email.
  • Do you read every book you design for?
    Graphic Design may be a hobby or pastime for some, but it is considered a job for myself. As a Freelance Designer, (contracted work) clients answer a detailed form regarding design direction, preferences, and synopsis. I use this as a design prompt and create concepts and deliverables accordingly. While it is always preferable to have first hand knowledge on projects this is just not realistic. Designers have working hours, personal/family life, extenuating circumstances such as weather, mental health, and emergencies.
  • Do you offer Premade Book Covers?
    While I periodically design a cover for pure creative outlet, this is a rare occurrence. If a premade is available for purchase you will find all information on my Facebook Business Page or my Instagram.
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